St Martin Campaign

House Rules 1

  1. I am willing to listen to any ideas or comments you have about the rules but I make the final ruling and it will stand.
  2. Joking, fooling around, and talking are a part of D&D but there is a limit to what is acceptable to myself and the other players.
  3. Metagaming will happen no matter what but there will be time you will be told to stop or it will affect the game.
  4. Since we are playing at Robert’s apartmen we have to follows his rules and the rules of the apartment complex’s management.

Character Creation

  1. The PHB, DMG, MM, and the complete… D&D books are acceptable you may request the use of others, I may or may not allow them.
  2. The main races from the PHB are the only ones accepted right now but you may talk to me about ones in other books. Click here for a more detailed description on how the races compare geographically to our planet.
  3. For a character’s key abilities use the roll system in the PHB.
  4. You are given an automatic 2 skill points in a profession.
  5. All of the PHB and the complete… book classes are available for players (in this campaign there will be no physionics)
Facts of Salmen Islandwith information on the Town of St. Martin
Crew of the galley
The Galley was once a trading vessel for Samuel Huts who traded various goods from St. Martin to other nearby port towns. Samuel Huts and his crew often took on passengers for extra money. If the passengers could not afford he would try find some way they could work on the ship. Sometimes he and his crew would take on passengers who needed to go somewhere but was off the direct course to where the ship needed to go. Samuel would charge extra on the passengers to make sure sure that he didn’t lose a profit just encase his goods went bad.

The last batch of passengers Samuel and his crew ever picked up was our heros the volunteer town’s police force. On this fateful voyage the galley came under attack of some raiding gnolls and Samuel and his crew expect for __ where killed by slave shippers. Our heros took command of the galley and use it as their own private vessel for their adventures.

Heros’ Story
Current characters and their class


RupertWanderer 3 if allowed.



St Martin Campaign

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