Facts of Salmen Island

Salmen Island


  • Kidney shaped island
  • Center of island is a large mountain named “Hoto’s Mouth”
  • Continually spewing out steam

Primarily fauna

  • Think of a stereotypical tropical island
  • For some reason Northern tip of the island looks heart of south

Populations centers

  • The west coast contains mainly small villages of Human and Elves
  • Northwestern part of the island contains radical human villages that don’t welcome outsiders especially those of other species
  • Some of the more radical ones one may possibly be hanged or killed on sight
  • The south has a few small towns made of a well diverse group.
  • The inner area of the island contains
    1. Small bands of Gnomes
    2. A small village of dwarfs
  • East
  • A number of small towns send goods to the Town of St. Martin to be exported
  • Town of Saint Martin
  • Is where are heroes are from

Town of Saint Martin

  • Population
    • Made of various races. There are no Orcs but some half orcs. Most live in the Town but there are small villages that are still part of the town
  • Government
    • Owned by King Turns (King of the Salval Emprie)
      • Day to day oversight and control is done by Governor von Lark
    • There are three guilds have some control over the running but they mainly voice their members comments
      • Blacksmiths Guild
      • Shippers Guild
      • Merchants Guild
      • There is a thieves guild but it is a underground guild that pulls it weight under peoples noses
  • Policing is mainly done by the volunteer police
    • The docks and sometimes the town is done by Salval soldiers
  • Exports
    • Sugar cane
    • Exotic woods
    • Rums
  • Points of interests
    • Jack’s Foaming Gnoll tavern
    • Docks
    • Town hall
    • Fort Williams
      • Located at the docks, home to the few soldiers who call St. Martin home
    • The market
  • Religion
    • Voodoo
    • Norse
    • Greek and Roman

Facts of Salmen Island

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